Jackson Digney, Director

With over 15 years of experience in the building industry, Jackson brings a wealth of knowledge to your home build, ensuring an enjoyable, stress-free experience.

Whilst in Sweden Jackson developed a passion for sustainable and energy efficient buildings and the Passive House movement. After relocating to Adelaide he decided to combine this passion with his experience in the building industry.

He has spent the past 5 years focusing on the construction of residential and commercial properties that address both the environmental and economic future.In his spare time, Jackson is an avid pizza cook and kite surfer and loves travelling with his family to the Yorke Peninsula and Flinders Ranges.

Together with his wife Carly and their four children he lives in the beautiful Adelaide Hills.In 2019 Jackson was proud to become a Certified Passive House Builder.

South Australia’s Most Sought After Builder Of High Performance And Sustainable Homes
We’re Certified Passive House Tradespeople and Consultants

Enduro Builders is South Australia’s most sought-after builder, designer, and construction company. We are ready to create your unique, modern and high end luxury Energy Efficient homes.

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The Enduro Team

From our tradespeople through to our Estimator, Project Manager and Administrative staff, your build will be supported by a great team who work together efficiently and seamlessly.

The Enduro team love working with clients who bring passion, enthusiasm, fresh ideas and an expectation of high quality to their build. You will benefit from their attention for detail and exceptional commitment to building and maintaining client relationships.

Our trades are professional craftspeople who take great pride in producing quality workmanship they know will be part of your home for many years to come.

Enduro are the type of builders every homeowner
dreams of collaborating with.

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Martin and Machiko

I was trying to find a builder that really understood Passive House, then Jackson came along…and saved the day!

Martin and Machiko

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