Adelaide Hills Energy Efficient Building Specialists

Building an Energy Efficient home is what makes the difference between building a home that will hold it’s value for life and one that won’t.

That’s a bold claim to make, and here is why we know that building and improving homes to be Energy Efficient (and confirming they actually perform) is the best investment you can make.

We Guarantee Our Homes Are Energy Efficient because;

  1. Our homes are independently verified at completion to confirm they will perform well in excess of the minimum requirement and we get a certificate to back it up
  2. An Energy Efficient home is a well built home. It’s not possible to slap a house together and have it perform as an Energy Efficient one!
  3. Australia is lagging behind the rest of the world, real education in the building sector is lacking, we strive to not only live and breath true energy efficient performance, we also make sure we have kept ourselves at the forefront of what is happening in Energy Efficient building WORLDWIDE!

So what makes an energy efficient efficient?

Air Tightness

How much air does your house move? If it has a lot of draughts and cold spots in winter, its likely it’s not very air tight!

Air tightness is the measure of how often the air changes over in the house. This is called the Air Changes per Hour or ACH for short.

Finding out what this number is is done with our independent blower door testing. An average Australian home achieves an air change of between 15 and 25 ACH.

An Enduro Builders Home achieves between 3.5 and 4.8 ACH and we are currently the ONLY BUILDER IN ADELAIDE voluntarily carrying out this testing!

That’s more than a 60% saving in your heating and cooling bills!

Thermal Envelope – It’s a very technical sounding phrase for a very simple concept! To perform well, the exterior parts of your home need to be correctly filled with the right type of insulation. No gaps allowed!

We have a range of ways of making sure this is right in your build, and at the end of your home being built we get this independently verified using Thermal Imaging, so you can be assured that the job really is done right!

What is unique in an Energy Efficient home that you won’t find in a ‘standard’ home?

Tonnes of things, lots which you can’t see, so let’s start with them!

  • Properly constructed timber stud walls that won’t bend, warp or twist
  • Correctly sealed penetrations in the framework, linings and claddings!
  • Careful use of materials to minimise future building movement and waste at the same time
  • Carefully considered details, such as how your window and door frames are connected to ensure you don’t have any air leaks!
  • Carefully and fully installed insulation

So what about what you can see?

  • uPVC windows and doors
  • Square set ceilings (no cornices!)
  • ...and a few other things, but we can’t give all the secrets away!

We do a few things differently with your home that other builders don’t do, this starts with building your home to a higher level of completion than any other builder, but it also includes using the right materials in the right places.

Why is Independent Verification so important on Energy Efficient homes?

This is simple! Anyone can design an energy efficient home that performs well on are going to live in that set of drawings for a long time, so you need to know it’s been built a builder who is willing to stick his neck on the line to have his work independently verified.

It gives you certainty that you home is going to perform better than the paper work says, if you are looking at builders and they aren’t regularly performing the blower door and thermal imaging tests and can show you examples of ones they have done...then its likely they may not actually know what they are talking about.

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