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You can use all sorts of one worders, but all of those descriptions lead to the fact that if someone asks you if you would build with Enduro, would we say yes or no…well we would say YES!

Clarendon Testimonial
Chris and Anna

Project Story

This project proves that even homes chock-full of architectural features can be energy efficient. Built in 2020 for an interstate client, Enduro proved that distance doesn’t have take away from a positive client experience.

At 3.94 Air changes per hour this house has the perfect mix of air tightness and fresh air complimenting the sea breeze near by.

The thermal mass in the slab will ensure winter warm and cool in summer.

Being a member of the arts village this project needed to fit within the community and landscape so we were mindful of the surroundings to achieve an amazing result.

Building Size – 196 sqm plus stone wall and landscaping
Levels – 1
Unique Features – Architectural features

Bedrooms – Two bedrooms over two pods
Wet Areas – Main bathroom with separate WC and Ensuite
Living spaces – Dining, Living, Kitchen
Storage – Custom cabinetry
Feature – Architecturally designed u-shape to make use of central courtyard, breeze block hallway dividing two pods, timber double glazed windows

5 Key Skills of An Energy Efficient Builder