Project Stats

Designer – Brett Aylen
Building Size – 81 sqm plus 36 sqm Garage
Levels – 1

Unique Features – Sloping Block, Steep Site

Bedrooms – Two bedrooms
Wet Area – combined bathroom and laundry space
Living spaces – Dining and Living, with surround deck
Storage – In-built off halways
Feature – Large entry hall, tree top views


  • Highly insulated floor construction
  • Premium LED lighting
  • Bamboo Timber floors throughout
  • uPVC Windows
  • Landscaping finished off prior to handover
  • Groutless Shower system
  • XPS Foam Insulation

Energy Efficient Outcomes

The house exceeded the requirements of the 6.7 Star rating. Most notably it achieved an air exchange rate of 5.13 per hour. The minimum requirement is 15!  Note: this home was equipped with a evaporative air conditioning system which increases the air change rate dramatically.

Even given this, the house has exceeded the UK best practice requirements!


After my  experience with a builder for my first house, I expected delays, lack of communication and reasonable work. But with Jackson of Enduro Builders my experience was totally different.


The most remarkable features of working with Enduro are the very high quality of the work, the great communication and timeliness.


Jackson is a polite and friendly person who goes out of his way to answer your questions and act on any changes that may occur.


Jackson only uses tradesmen that satisfy his expectations of quality of work and service.  


I particularly liked co-construct, the software he uses to manage the project and communicate with clients. It makes the building process transparent to the client.


For example, it includes a detailed schedule of the project and any variations that occurred during the building.


The client see the costs associated with the variations and has to approve them before they are carried out.


Jackson also posts site logs and photos there and makes sure everything is up to date.


I would highly recommend Jackson as a builder to anyone who wants a home of highest quality and a thoroughly positive building experience.




Your Builder Choice Guide

Make Sure You Work With A Professional Builder

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  1. I am in the early stages of exploring building ideas for a new slightly sloping block I have purchased. I have drawn some plans of what I am looking to do. Is this house 2 bedroom? I am curious if you could post the internal configurations to view and a rough idea of cost to build this house.

    I do hope I haven’t asked to much of you. I am unaware of the etiquette in such matters.

    Cheers Steve.

    • Hi Steven,

      Sorry for the slow reply. This house is two bedroom, I would love to have a chat with you on the phone about it. Please feel free to jump onto the Contact Us Page and fill out a form and I will give you a call!



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