Have you ever wondered why you often hear about new homes being over budget before they even started?


Our clients benefit from our years of experience in costing and delivering projects on their budgets.  


I want to share that experience with you and explain why you need to talk to a Professional Builder before hiring an architect, or building designer.


Everyday we meet a client who started their new home by getting designs done…it seems like the logical course right?  Wrong.


Lets step back and look at this for a second…in terms of what matters…the numbers.


Let’s work on the basis of a $550,000 home.  You would expect to spend between $7,000 and $35,000 on design and documentation, depending on whether you work with a building designer or architect.  So for simple numbers let’s say your entire project costs $575,000.


So where is your greatest budget risk?  The design or the actual build?


Why is this process so important when you are planning to build a new home?


Are you aware that a large number of building designs don’t come to fruition?  They languish as broken dreams, often because of one, simple reason.


You may ask yourself ‘why’? This is mainly due to the fact that architects and building designers focus on the design process without carrying out a mathematical calculation of the cost, beyond using a square meter rate.


Our Client is able to access the benefit of a builder and designer who work together to watch that the design is carried out with your budget in mind, not as an afterthought.


It’s because of this collaboration on design and documentation that we can work within budget constraints to ensure that the project really gets underway.


Building is a unique balance of people, materials and equipment.  It is a product with more moving parts than a swiss watch.

With all components having a cost and an interelationship.


A builder that specializes in a chosen field, such as bespoke design new homes, has enormous amounts of knowledge and experience, and most of all, is estimating building costs on a daily basis.


Meaning you’re receiving all this expertise for free! The only way for a builder to arrive at a fixed price for a building contract is to carry out a thorough examination of all the moving parts required and what they cost based on your detailed drawings.


My advice to prospective clients is simple: the only way to ensure predictable cost outcomes right at the earliest stage of the process is to work with an experienced, professional builder, guiding the architect or building designer on costs and best building procedures.


This in no way limits your creativity, it simply makes sure that the practical application of your idea’s is possible within your budget.


Before you contact a building designer to design your next project, it would be wise to contact a builder who specializes in architecturally designed new homes.


Don’t spend thousands of dollars on plans and documentation without having your builder involved.


Remember, you don’t want to be one of the unlucky ones who spends months designing and dreaming only to discover that to build your dream is outside of your budget.  That’s just crushing, and easily avoided.


Talk to Enduro Builders, so that you can get your new home underway.
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