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Cost Consultation and Quote Finalisation

Do you want to be absolutely certain that the price you sign a contract on, is the price you will pay for your renovation and addition?

So far, we have established a quoted price, but made some changes to the design and specification.

We still need to do a bit of work to get the quoted price finalised, as per your requests and your plans approved for construction, it takes time to work these out and make sure we have everything costed per your brief.

We share your fear of a project that runs over budget.  

That’s why we want to make sure that it’s done professionally.

So what does it cost to have this done?

Let’s start with what it could cost to not have it done;

  1. Your project not going ahead at all because options to manage your budget weren’t found
  2. Budget Blowouts because an item was missed
  3. Project running over schedule for the same reason

So what do you get?

Everything above, plus;

  • If you build with us, the price in your final quote is fixed, unless you want to change it.
  • Peace of mind that your renovation has been carefully costed to make that there aren’t any missing items
  • Access to our online project management system to see the full breakdown

All of this for just $947.00 (Valued at over $3000)

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So what do you get?

  • Detailed 30+ page quote where your options have been optimized to hit your budget
  • List of options and their net effect on the budget
  • Itemised list of inclusions and exclusions
  • Itemised list of any Provisional or PC Sums you have given us
  • Itemised list of our responsibilities and yours
  • Detailed breakdown of the progress claims
  • Information about the type of MBA approved contract we recommend for your project
  • A meeting with our builder to go through your quote and explain every item in it

Not sure you want to move ahead?

We know you will be happy you did but don’t take our word for it!

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