Why Would A Custom Home Builder Offer A Plan Range?

The hardest part about building any custom home is finding a starting point, a rock in the sand from which you can propel yourself in the direction you actually want to go!

By offering a range of architect designed, energy efficient homes, we can help you find that starting point, even if the plan you like is only 20% of what you actually want….just by looking at it you are already 20% closer to knowing what you want!

The other great part of having a design range available is the pricing.  We have priced our plans to suit the type of blocks they would go on.

This means our rural style homes include the cost of rainwater tanks, solar, septic systems and much much more.  The prices we show are a lot more honest to the turnkey price than you may see elsewhere.

Why is this?  Because these homes have actually been built!  So even if you do want to make changes, we can do it from a basis of knowing what everything costs and can keep you informed, via our online systems of the cost changes as they happen!

What is the real cost of my project?

So to find out more about how we can help you clear the confusion and set you on the right path toward building your new home, take a look at our plan range and follow the links to get in touch!

I look forward to talking to you soon!

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