How To Get The Exact
Custom Home You Want

Optimised For Energy-Efficiency and All-Year Comfort,
Finished On Time And On Budget — Guaranteed

How To Get The Exact
Custom Home You Want

Optimised For Energy-Efficiency and All-Year Comfort,
Finished On Time And On Budget — Guaranteed

“My team and I have the proven processes to understand
and clarify your vision, explain all options and costs, and
bring your ideas to life in a stunning custom home –
on time and on budget.”

Jackson Digney, Owner, Enduro Builders

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100+ Stunning Custom Homes Built Since [2015]

Winner Young Builder of the Year & Sustainable House of the Year

Fair, Fixed Price And On Time Guarantee

No More Than Price Of Equivalent Volume-Built Home

Researching Custom Home Options Can Be Tricky.
Perhaps You Have Some Of These Common Questions And Concerns…

Like many people, perhaps you have some questions and concerns on your mind too including:

Worried you’ll spend all this time and money and feel disappointed in your house…

and hope to find a builder with proven processes to understand and clarify your vision, explain all options and costs, and bring your ideas to life in a stunning custom home – on time and on budget?

Afraid you’ll pay a premium for a custom home that is no better than a standard house…

and want a builder with the knowledge, experience, and ethics to deliver a house that surpasses your expectations and has a genuine efficiency rating that provides year-round comfort and energy savings?

Nervous about the volatility of the building industry…

and want to know for certain your builder is financially secure and able to complete your house as promised?


Don’t have time for your new home to take over your life…

and want a builder who gives you the information you need to make decisions, and coordinates everything (including all council, professional, and trade services) so you can keep up with life while your home is being built?

Worried about changing prices and timelines…

and want a builder who sets a fair, fixed price and has a track record of delivering on time and on budget?


Lots of people looking to build a custom home in Adelaide have similar concerns. That’s why we’d like to invite you to have a Free Consultation
where we will answer your questions and give you the information you need to have a successful building experience.

How We Help Adelaide Residents Get The Custom Home You’ve Always Wanted

Over the past 8 years, we’ve helped 100+ Adelaide residents design and
buildtheir dream home with:

  • Stable internal temperature for comfort all year round
  • Energy-efficiency that saves thousands in running costs
  • Healthy ventilation that reduces allergies and asthma
  • Meticulous workmanship that looks better and lasts longer
  • The exact layout, features, and finishes you want

All delivered with:

  • Transparent, constant communication that keeps you informed
  • Thoughtful service that handles everything for you
  • On time and on budget so you can plan your finances and life with
Enduro Builders Display Home

What Our Clients Say About Their Enduro Homes

We’ve loved helping more 100+ customers bring their ideas to life in stunning energy efficient homes they feel proud to own. Here’s what some of them say about their experience with our team:


You can use all sorts of one worders, but all of those descriptions lead to the fact that if someone asks you if you would build with Enduro, would we say yes or no…well we would say YES!

How Are We Different To Other Narrow Block Home Builders In Adelaide?

With dozens of builders in and around Adelaide and The Hills, it can be difficult to know who to trust with your narrow block home. While the right builder can give you an enjoyable building experience and a home you’ll love for years, the wrong builder can leave you with a costly disaster (I’m sure you’ve heard the horror stories). Here are some of the things that make us different (and perhaps the right choice for your custom home):


Free Consultation: The First Step To Getting A Stunning Energy Efficient Home That Is Comfortable All Year Round And Lasts A Lifetime

The quickest and easiest way to find out more is with a Free Consultation during which:

  • We will help you get clarity around what you want in your energy efficient home (and expert guidance to enhance your ideas)
  • You’ll get a better understanding of building costs and timeframes (and a price guide for your initial plans)
  • You’ll learn about common design and building mistakes that jeopardise the energy efficiency and comfort of your home while needlessly driving up the costs (and get practical tips to prioritise your spending for maximum impact)
  • You’ll explore ways the team at Enduro Builders can help you get the exact energy efficient home you want, optimised for energy-efficiency and all-year comfort, finished on time and on budget

And unlike most so-called free consultations that are more like a sales presentation with a commission salesperson, your consultation will be with the owner of Enduro Homes (Jackson Digney) who will share his best advice specific to your situation.

Naturally, when the time is right, we hope you will choose us and join our 100+ customers who love their Enduro custom homes. In any case, you have nothing to lose and will benefit from the advice we freely offer.

Not Quite Ready To Meet?

Download Our Latest Free Report And Discover How To Build A Comfortable, Low Maintenance, Energy-Efficient Passive House

While many builders claim to build energy-efficient houses, very few have the knowledge, experience, and formal certifications to deliver. As a result, many homeowners unknowingly overpay tens of thousands for a home that is no better than a standard house.

Get out latest report and discover the 5 keys to building a comfortable, low-maintenance, energy-efficient passive house. Or book a Free Consultation to get free advice for your home.

5 Keys to Efficient Homebuilding
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