Do you know how to confirm your new home meets its Energy Rating?

Imagine building a 7 star energy rated home, but not being sure that it actually achieves its designed rating…

This happens all to often for a range of different reasons such as:

  • Cornice being left off behind built in cabinetry (such as in your kitchen)
  • Door seals not being installed on external doors
  • Exhaust fans being fitted without backdraft stoppers
  • Insulation not being installed correctly (or worse, not at all)

So what does it mean if these things aren’t right?

It could mean that your home does not perform the way you expected to. Costing you more money to heat and cool than it should.

Missing insulation could be an issue in your home.
Wall insulation not properly installed (and missing a nogging in the stud work) Image: courtesy

One way to make sure your home is built to comply with its energy rating is to insist on blower door and infrared image testing as part of your build quote.

This is the best way to independently verify that your home is built to a high quality standard.  Below are photos from two of our recent projects being blower door tested and having infra red imaging carried out.

Blower testing a new home

We found a fantastic article discussing how far short some builders are falling when it comes to building to the energy efficiency performance requirements in the National Construction Code.

Probably the most profound note in the whole article is this one; 

“As a result it is likely that the new housing stock is under-performing relative to policy expectations, consuming unnecessary amounts of energy, imposing unnecessarily high energy bills on occupants, and generating unnecessary greenhouse gas emissions.”
In reality, its quite easy to make sure a home meets the Enerdidn’tficiency targets.  It just requires care and attention by the builder and his trades.

You can check out the whole article below Source:

Australia’s Building Efficiency Performance Still Struggling

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