This project was my first experience building a home or working with a builder at all for that matter. I had seen all the building and renovation shows on TV where often times the builder adds so much stress and worry to the experience. I was very nervous and anxious about the process to say the least!

My actual experience with Enduro builders was completely the opposite of what I expected. Jackson is such an positive, professional builder and project manager. He has uncompromising standards, is honest, forthright and genuinely delivers what he promises. His level of communication with my partner and I was brilliant and I always felt he made time to talk through any issues or concerns we had.

All of his tradesmen are highly skilled and take great pride in their work. It was a joy to walk around site while it was being built, it was always clean and tidy and everyone was very polite and helpful if I had any questions.
Enduro uses building project management software that’s really useful. It collated all of our discussions, managed the budget, was where I approved or declined variations and outlined the schedule. It made everything very visible and open to me.

Jackson is a pleasure to work with and I cannot recommend Enduro Builders enough. His level of care and attention to detail continues now even after handover!
Well done Enduro!!!!