How Does Using An Existing Plan Help Guide Your Thinking?

Thinking about building a new home can be exciting, scary, bewildering and confusing.  Taking that first step to talk to someone is often the hardest, particularly with energy efficient, custom homes.

The easiest way forward is to find a builder who can answer the three burning questions you have.

The first questions you want answered is “How much is this going to cost me?”

It’s a fair question and the most important thing is arriving at a realistic answer to this as fast as possible without spending too much money on designs.

By reviewing our plan range and seeing what is included in the indicative price you can see what a “realistic” figure is on the construction of the home.

This gives you an accurate sense of what an energy efficient home with all its appliances, lighting, features and fixtures (including things like septic systems, rainwater tanks and solar panels) will really end up costing you to build.

The third question you want to know is “How does building an Energy Efficient Home benefit me?”

The price of power is going up….it’s a very hard fact to deny.  This means that homes that are genuinely energy efficient and are proven to be performing efficiently (per the answer to our second question) will grow in capital value faster, at the same time as saving you money to live in them.

In the ACT they have mandated reporting of the homes energy rating when putting it on the market.  This has seen homes with lower ratings selling slower and for less money than their higher rated peers.

The second question you want answered is “How do I know this builder really gets Energy Efficient building”.

The answer is both complex and simple, but a quick way to find out is to ask your builder if they do blower door testing and thermal imaging then, have them explain exactly what this is.  

If you’re not sure yourself you can contact us for the answer!

As the public becomes more savvy to the fact that an energy rating is only very small portion of the actual performance of a home, things like our independant Energy Efficiency certifications will suddenly play a huge role in increasing the value of your home when you come to sell.

All the while, saving you money while you enjoy the fruits of your labor!

So if you are thinking of building an energy efficient home and want a starting point, check out our plan range and follow this links to download a full brochure.

I look forward to talking to you soon!

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