How To Find A Builder You Can Trust To Give You The Sustainable, Energy-Efficient Home You Really Want

An Expert You Can Be Certain Really Knows Their Stuff And Isn’t Just Telling You What You Want To Hear‌

There are dozens of builders in the Adelaide Hills. All appear (or at least claim) to be skilled and experienced. Most charge similar prices (with no real explanation about any differences). And many promote themselves as energy-efficient builders (especially with recent increased interest in sustainable living).‌

So, how do you know who you can trust? And how to tell the difference between a builder who really knows their stuff (especially when it comes to building sustainable, energy-efficient homes), and a builder who is simply telling you what you want to hear so they can win your business.

Worthwhile Or Just A Bunch Of Hot Air?

Despite their marketing claims, most builders simply don’t understand the fundamentals of energy-efficient building. To them, building an energy-efficient home, means simply choosing products that are energy efficient, or putting solar panels on the roof.

The problem is, many product claims are exaggerated, cherry picked from carefully controlled studies, or flat our false – merely promoted to justify a higher price. And even if the product does offer some energy efficient benefits, there are other (more important) factors at play. And the only guarantee in choosing these products is that you will pay more.

What Really Matters In Energy-Efficient Building

While choice of building materials is important, any energy efficiency benefit can be undone through incorrect or inaccurate installation. For example, the very best insulation has no chance of working effectively if it is installed with gaps (which is a common problem).

And further: the best product, installed perfectly, can also be undermined through the wrong design. For example, any heat that enters your home through large west-facing windows can be trapped inside through effective insulation. In this case, the insulation is actually working against you.

Give Your Builder This Four Question Test

To ascertain your builder’s true knowledge and experience in building energy efficient homes, simply ask these four questions:

Question #1: Can you please explain what you do to ensure our house will have no thermal bridges.

Question #2: What sort of windows will you use for our home and why?

Question #3: What’s your approach to building material choice (especially when it comes to energy efficiency)?

Question #4: Are you certified to build Passive Houses?

A builder who really walks-the-walk in building energy efficient homes will be certified in building Passive Houses. And they will be able to answer these questions quickly and easily with examples of products and homes they have built.

If they can’t answer the questions or need to refer to an external consultant, you can be sure they don’t know enough to deliver the sustainable, energy-efficient home you want.

Free Expert Advice To Ensure You Get The Exact Sustainable, Energy-Efficient Home You Want

(Without Needlessly Overpaying For Products That Don’t Deliver Real Benefits And Value)

Building a comfortable, energy-efficient home requires more than so-called energy-efficient products. It requires specialised knowledge and experience in design, product choice, and installation.

Whether you’re ready to build or still looking at your options, one of the best things you can do is pick up a copy of our special report, The 5 Key Skills of an Energy Efficient Builder.

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5 Keys to Efficient Homebuilding

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