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Work with a Certified Passive House Builders

When you are setting off on any building project it’s critical to get the right advice, right from the start.  

With our initial site consultation you get the following;

  • One hour site consultation
  • On site feedback on your design ideas
  • Identification of budget risk areas
  • Identification of areas of concern on the site
  • Suggestions about how you could improve the Energy Efficiency of your new home

You also get a detailed follow up report covering;

  • Your brief for the design of the home (which we get from asking you key questions)
  • Any budget risk issues your site presents
  • Any Council related policies to be aware of as your design progresses or that may affect you having the design you really want
  • A ballpark figure of your expected budget based on our discussions
  • An overview of what is included in the expected budget

All of this for just $197!

So go ahead, pick a day and time that suits you below to complete your booking!

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