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New Home Budget Estimate, Cost Consultancy and Pre-contract Management

You want to be confident that the design you have suits your budget as early as possible.

This prevents you getting a nasty surprise when the plans are finished and final approvals granted.

The Professional approach to costing starts in the early design phase.

We share your fear of a home that runs over budget.

That’s why we like to be involved from as early as possible to make sure we catch cost overruns early.

Preparing a Preliminary Budget Estimate is an important step in ensuring you are on track to meet your budget.

So what do you get?

  • Detailed Budget estimate
  • Detailed assessment of the buildability of your home
  • Access to our Online Project Management System
  • Itemised list of inclusions and exclusions
  • Itemised list of any Provisional or PC Sums you have given us
  • Itemised list of our responsibilities and yours
  • Itemised list of cost saving measures and options
  • A meeting with our builder to go through your quote and explain every item in it (If you live out of town we can arrange to do this online)

You also get our support to get your plans, specifications and engineering finalised, re-costed and renegotiated.  This includes us doing the following;

  • Sending you to our selection centers to make selections (including tiles, appliances, flooring, plumbing etc)
  • Managing the Engineering and Construction detailing process including reviewing plans and report to make sure they actually work with your home and that a whole of home assessment has been done when engineering structural members.  This work alone can save thousands in on site variations
  • Construction detailing, either in house or we can provide the CAD files for your architect if they wish
  • Coordination of the Council approval process including pushing things along to make sure your home doesn’t end up sitting on someones desk for months
  • Investigation and discussion with you on cost ideas and alternatives, so you can make a fully informed decision about your home!

So what does it cost to have this done?

Let’s start with what it could cost to not have it done;

  1. Budget Blowouts after you start, leaving you stuck in a project with spiraling costs
  2. Not being able to achieve your dream home for your budget because it hasn’t been considered all along
  3. Missing out on the quality features you want because of last minute budget cuts

So what do you get?

Everything above, plus;

  • If you build with us, the price in your final quote is fixed, unless you want to change it.
  • Peace of mind that your project has been carefully costed to make sure that there aren’t any missing items

Wait Wait Wait…’re saying, I am going to pay for a builder to do a quote?

Well, no, its way more than that, and for this investment you skip past two alternatives;

Alternative 1 – Cost and time blowouts and stressful variations during construction

Alternative 2 – Paying a Quantity Surveyor up to $4000 just for a price indication (none of the other stuff we list above)

All of this for  $3,000, fixed, regardless of the time it takes.

Click PAY HERE to get the ball rolling and pay a $1000 deposit

Not sure if we are right for you?

Don’t take our word for it!  Check out one of client testimonials right here!