Did you know the commercial building and sales industry often leads the way with reforms which eventually flow through to the residential market?

On the industry side this has occured over the last few years with the Work Health and Safety Act, as a whole Commercial building embraced the new legislation, with residential lagging behind.

The same can be said for Energy Efficiency – Commercial sales over 2000sqm are required to list the energy efficiency star rating of the building (although this threshold is being reviewed – see below). Commercial buyers are acutely aware of how a lower energy rating increases the costs of running the business which hurts PROFITS.

In your home, a low performing building hurts your hip pocket EVERY SINGLE DAY. It can mean less money to spend on toys for your kids, toys for yourself, nights out….the list goes on!

Suddenly the investment in building a highly energy efficient home is seeming cheaper and cheaper!

Its a requirement to disclose energy rating for Commercial Building SalesYou can select to only show listings with a certain Energy Rating on Commercial Sales Websites
The buyers of commercial property are catching onto the reduced running costs of energy efficient buildings.  So much so they want to reduce the threshold for mandatory disclosure of energy ratingsSource: http://www.realcommercial.com.au/for-sale/between-0-500000-in-south+australia/list-1?preferredState=sa

You can even select to only show listings which met a certain Energy Rating!