Payneham South 

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Project Story

This home is a very special project. With its owners emigrating from the UK this is a home where their hearts and future lies.

This multi-generational healthy and energy efficient home was designed by Brett Aylen Architecture around family and lifestyle. It has two separate homes in one, a futuristic idea of a family all living together under one roof  while maintaining each other's independence.

This home's performance is outstanding, reasons for this are many, however the driving principle of its construction being undertaken in the methodology of Passive House makes it comfortable, energy efficient and low impact on the environment.

Using the five principles of Passive House this home was built with exceptional air tightness in mind and coming in at 1.79ACH @50Pa the amount of heat loss will be kept to an absolute minimum keeping it comfortable all year round. This was achieved with unequaled building knowledge and using superior Pro Clima build wraps.

Other principles adopted in this build were polished concrete floor to have solar heat gain, the windows were all thermally broken double glazed aluminum of the highest standard, 140mm timber frames studs, R6.0 ceiling insulation R4.0 external walls and R2.5 internal wall insulation and use of light roof for condensation management.

A unique element is the use of two Mechanical Heat recovery ventilation units through the homes, one unit in each section for highest quality air and comfort.

Technical info

Designer – Brett Aylen Architecture
Size – 266m2
Levels – 1 with attached granny flat

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