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When your thinking about any major building project, whether its building a new home, renovating or adding to your existing home, it means finding a builder.  Finding the right builder for you, can mean the difference between a fun, enjoyable and rewarding building experience and one that leaves you frustrated, or worse, out of pocket.

This means that one of the most important aspects of getting started on a project is selecting the right builder.  Generally the costs to build are the same regardless of the builder you deal with.  All builders get their work done by a combination of;

  • Suppliers
  • Sub-contractors
  • Employees

The costs of these are generally the same and most can be easily found out by your own research.

So where does a builder make their money?  In their margin and supervision charges.  This is what can vary from one builder to the next, and is by no means a fixed figure across the industry.  Some builders will quote you on a very small margin, hoping to make enough extra money from variations during the project.  Some builders quote a high margin, but don’t include all the items, other builders quote a mid range margin and include all items.

This makes it terribly confusing to pick the right builder on price.  Which is why we created this guide to help you pick the right type of person and company to deal with.  This helps you to ensure you get that value for money your after.

So here are some questions to ask your builder, and the answers you would get from Enduro Builders.

Are you licensed for the work we want done?

Yes, we are licensed for Residential building to two storeys and Commercial and Industrial to three storey.  You can see our license information here or at http://www.cbs.sa.gov.au

Are you registered for Builders Indemnity Insurance?

Yes, it’s a requirement to be registered for this insurance.  Our registration is with QBE and our policy number is 600064845BWI.

Does your builder have a cloud based system to monitor project progress?

Yes, we do.  Our system manages and shares the information about your job from initial estimate through to warranty period.  All the information is available to you 24/7 on your computer or mobile device.  You can check out videos of how it works here.

Can your builder regular report on project progress?

We achieve regular reporting and contact with you via a number of different avenues.  The first is the weekly summary emailed from our management software which lists current schedule position, site to-do items, defects, budget progress, variations and progress photos.  We also conduct regular on site meetings during the project, the frequency of which are changed to suit the stage of the project.

How do you handle and record selections and variations?

All selections and variations are recorded and approved through our online management software.  We have a range of supplier agreements which allow you to attend our suppliers show rooms and make your selections from either our ranges or your own choices.  

Where your selection is outside of the builder allowance you will be told in the store, and then will recieve an email from us with the cost difference and the opportunity to approve or decline that change.  Once you approve it, our system is updated and our suppliers are updated.  This means no more “but I didn’t pick that” at construction time.

Is your builder able to offer ideas to manage your budget?

At Enduro we understand the importance of managing your budget.  We like to start by knowing what your budget is.  This allows us to tailor our offer to maximise your value for money and ensure that a contingency for during construction changes is allowed for up front.  This means you can build with confidence that costs are well covered.

Do you have preferred designers and engineers?

Like any builder, we will work with anyone, within reason.  Even so, we have a team of consultants we work with regularly who understand our  clients needs and have a consistent history of delivering that for us.

Do you have preferred sub-contractors you work with regularly?  Who are they?

We have our preferred sub-contractors and suppliers.  What is unique is that our “subbies” have to meet strict quality and safety guidelines before they get any work with us.  We also find most of our subbies through referral.  This doesn’t mean that we wont work with your favorite plumber or cabinet maker.  It just means they will have to pass through our sub-contractor engagement process. Worth asking your builder if they have a process for engaging sub-contractors other than just checking their price.

Does your builder want you to sign a contract today?

At Enduro Builders we wont present you with a contract to sign until your price is confirmed.  We do charge for estimates, and provide you with all the information in that estimate so you are free, if you wish, to check our prices.  We believe its more important to build a great relationship, not lock you down a contract as other builders might.

Where to from here?

So you have a list of questions for your builder now, and you already know our answers.  You cant take this list and compare our answers with other builders to see how they stack up.  Then if you want to get in touch you can contact us via this link or in the form below and we can keep talking to you about why we are different and how we can bring your project to fruition.

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