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Professional Project Budget Preparation

You want to be confident that the price of your project is going to be as accurate and close to the final cost as possible, right?

This makes sure that the actual construction work is enjoyable and fun!

The Professional approach to costing starts in the early design phase.

We share your fear of a project that runs over budget.

That’s why we like to be involved from as early as possible to make sure we catch cost overruns early.

Preparing a Budget Estimate is an important first step in ensuring you are on track to meet your budget, it also provides a solid foundation for working on the specification and inclusions for your project, and detailing how it will be built, BEFORE you start on site!

So what do you get?

  • Detailed Budget estimate
  • Detailed assessment of the buildability of your project
  • Itemised list of inclusions and exclusions
  • Itemised list of any Provisional or PC Sums you have given us
  • Itemised list of our responsibilities and yours
  • Itemised list of cost saving measures and options
  • A meeting with our builder to go through your quote and explain every item in it (If you live out of town we can arrange to do this online)

So what does it cost to have this done?

Let’s start with what it could cost to not have it done;

  1. Budget Blowouts after you start, leaving you stuck in a project with spiraling costs
  2. Not being able to achieve your project for your budget because it hasn’t been considered all along
  3. Missing out on the quality features you want because of last minute budget cuts

So what do you get?

Everything above, plus;

  • If you build with us, the price in your final quote is fixed, unless you want to change it.
  • Peace of mind that your project has been carefully costed to make sure that there aren’t any missing items
  • Access to our online project management system to see and manage changes

All of this for just $947.00 (Valued at over $2000)

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Not sure if we are right for you?

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