Thinking about building a Custom, Energy Efficient home?

We build quality focused homes, ensuring you will love every part of your new home.

At Enduro Builders we have a few very strong beliefs that guide everything we do and how we work with you.  

  • We believe that building should be fun and exciting
  • We believe that you should have access to all your relevant project information, online, 24/7
  • We believe that you should be able to rely on your builder to give you unbiased, honest advice
  • We believe that your final quote should be clear and detailed so you know everything you are and aren’t getting with your new home
  • We believe your home should be using a detailed project schedule
  • We believe that if we make a mistake and miss something in your plans, its up to us to pay for it be done (We guarantee it!)


We believe in building to a high quality standard, not just in the way we finish our houses, but in the quality of service and support we provide to you.


If that makes you think “I would love to build with those guys!”, great!  You can download our brochure right now and receive a tonne of fantastic information from us about building custom homes and how to make sure you maximise your value for money!


I look forward to having the opportunity to talk to you soon!

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How to make sure your home is designed to maximise the way it ventilates;

  • What to consider when selecting windows
  • What to look for in the layout of the home
  • How to make sure the orientation relates well to the ventilation!
  • and so much more….
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