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Passive Houses $480,000

The Enduro Plan Range has been designed in collaboration with Award Winning Australian Architects, to highlight the wide architectural and aesthetic scope an Energy Efficient house can embody.

Within our range you will find a design to suit every taste from classic to contemporary. All houses in the Enduro Plan Range can be modified, mixed & matched or developed to suit your exact requirements.

Lochiel 135

125sqm  3Bed 2Bath 2Storey

Maccie 110

110sqm  2Bed  1Bath  Open Plan Living

Krondorf 177

153sqm  3Bed  2Bath  Open Living and Dining

Calpyn 212

212sqm  3Bed  2Bath  2Car  Open Plan Living, Dining, Kitchen & Study

Stirling 153

177sqm  3Bed  2Bath  1 Car  2 Living + Sunroom

Why would a custom home builder offer a plan range?

The hardest part about building any custom home is finding a starting point, a rock in the sand from which you can propel yourself in the direction you actually want to go.

By offering a range of architect designed, energy efficient homes, we can help you find that starting point, even if the plan you like is only 20% of what you actually want…. just by looking at it you are already 20% closer to knowing what you want!

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Asking yourself how much it will cost you to build a Passive House?

It’s a fair question and the most important thing is arriving at a realistic answer to this as fast as possible without spending too much money on designs.

By reviewing plan range and seeing what is included in the indicative price you can see what a “realistic” figure is on the construction of the home. This gives you an accurate sense of what an energy efficient home with all its appliances, lighting, features and fixtures (including things like septic systems, rainwater tanks and solar panels) will really end up costing you to build.

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