Things to do in Hahndorf, South Australia

Hahndorf, a charming town in the Adelaide Hills of South Australia, is a place of rich history, vibrant culture, and breathtaking natural beauty. This picturesque village offers many attractions that cater to every interest. From historic buildings to world-class wineries, the town is a treasure trove of experiences waiting to be discovered. Here, we delve deep into six must-visit attractions that make Hahndorf a remarkable destination.

Hans Heysen – The Cedars:

The Cedars is the former home and studio of Sir Hans Heysen, one of Australia’s most celebrated landscape artists. Located just outside Hahndorf, this heritage-listed property offers visitors a unique glimpse into the life and work of this influential painter. The estate includes Heysen’s original 1913 stone house, his purpose-built studio, and beautiful gardens that inspired many of his famous works. Visitors can explore the artist’s living quarters, filled with original furnishings and personal effects, and view his studio where many masterpieces were created. The property also showcases a collection of Heysen’s artworks, including his iconic gum tree landscapes that captured the essence of the Australian bush. Guided tours provide fascinating insights into Heysen’s artistic process, his family life, and his deep connection to the Adelaide Hills landscape. The Cedars is not just a tribute to a great artist, but a window into a significant period of Australian art history.

Hahndorf Hill Winery:

Hahndorf Hill Winery is a boutique vineyard that perfectly blends old-world charm with new-world innovation. Situated on the outskirts of Hahndorf, this winery is renowned for its unique approach to winemaking, specializing in Austrian grape varieties rarely found in Australia. Their signature wines include Grüner Veltliner, Blaufränkisch, and Zweigelt, alongside classic Australian varieties. The winery offers a range of tasting experiences, including their famous ChocoVino, which pairs fine wines with luxury chocolates from around the world. Visitors can enjoy stunning views of the surrounding hills from the modern tasting room while sampling the winery’s award-winning products. Hahndorf Hill Winery also emphasizes sustainable viticulture practices, reflecting a commitment to the local environment. With its combination of exceptional wines, innovative experiences, and picturesque setting, Hahndorf Hill Winery represents the best of Adelaide Hills wine culture.

Wolf Blass Gallery & Museum:

The Wolf Blass Gallery & Museum pays homage to one of Australia’s most influential winemakers and his significant contribution to the Australian wine industry. Located in the heart of Hahndorf, this museum chronicles the life and career of Wolf Blass, from his early days as a young immigrant from Germany to his rise as a pioneering figure in Australian winemaking. The gallery showcases an extensive collection of memorabilia, including vintage wine bottles, awards, and personal items that tell the story of Wolf Blass’s journey and the evolution of his iconic brand. Visitors can explore interactive displays that detail the winemaking process and the history of viticulture in the region. The museum also features a tasting area where guests can sample a selection of Wolf Blass wines, connecting the historical narrative with the present-day product. This attraction offers a fascinating insight into the personality behind the label and the broader history of South Australian wine.

Somerled Wines:

Somerled Wines is a family-owned boutique winery that embodies the artisanal spirit of the Adelaide Hills wine region. Founded by former Penfolds winemaker Rob Moody, Somerled is known for its small-batch, handcrafted wines that showcase the best of the local terroir. The cellar door, located in a charming heritage building on Hahndorf’s main street, offers an intimate and personalized wine tasting experience. Visitors can sample a range of wines, including elegant Chardonnays, complex Pinot Noirs, and robust Shiraz, often guided by Rob or a member of his family. The winery’s approach emphasizes traditional winemaking techniques combined with modern expertise, resulting in wines of exceptional quality and character. Somerled also offers cheese platters featuring local produce to complement their wines. With its warm atmosphere and commitment to quality, Somerled Wines provides a genuine taste of Adelaide Hills winemaking expertise in the heart of Hahndorf.

Beerenberg Farm:

Beerenberg Farm is a beloved Hahndorf institution, famous for its strawberries and high-quality preserves. This family-owned farm, operating since 1839, has become synonymous with premium Australian-made jams, sauces, and condiments. The farm offers a unique “pick your own” strawberry experience from November to April, allowing visitors to wander through the picturesque fields and harvest their own fresh strawberries. Throughout the year, visitors can explore the farm shop, which stocks the full range of Beerenberg products, including their famous strawberry jam, chutneys, and marinades. The farm also features a small museum that tells the story of the Paech family’s seven generations of farming in the Adelaide Hills. With its commitment to sustainable farming practices and its celebration of local produce, Beerenberg Farm offers a delightful blend of agricultural heritage and modern agritourism, making it a must-visit destination in Hahndorf.

Hahndorf Inn:

The Hahndorf Inn is an iconic establishment that stands as a testament to Hahndorf’s rich German heritage. Founded in 1863, this historic pub has been serving traditional German cuisine and beverages for over 150 years. The inn’s interior, with its dark wood paneling, beer steins, and cozy fireplaces, creates an authentic German atmosphere. Visitors can enjoy a menu featuring classic dishes such as schnitzels, sausages, and sauerkraut, along with a wide selection of German and local beers on tap. The inn is particularly famous for its metre-long sausages and generous portions. Regular events, including Oktoberfest celebrations, add to the lively atmosphere. The Hahndorf Inn also offers accommodation, allowing guests to fully immerse themselves in the town’s unique ambiance. As a central gathering place for locals and tourists alike, the Hahndorf Inn plays a crucial role in maintaining the town’s cultural identity and providing a genuine taste of German hospitality in the heart of South Australia.

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