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One thing underpins our whole process

Every meeting finishes by setting the date for the next one. You are never left wondering when to expect something from us next. This certainly helps when your friends ask you “so how is your build going?” All Enduro Builders clients enjoy being able to list off exactly where they are at and exactly what’s happening next.


Step 1 - Display Home Tour or Initial Phone Call

You’ve got questions, we have answers! Whether you make a time for an initial phone call or to come through the display home, the starting point with us is
about giving you a chance to tell us about what you want to achieve, and to answer your questions about how we will achieve it for you.
This often includes giving you an idea of the budget to expect to spend and how that budget could be worked with

Step 2 - Initial Site Consultation

Our initial site consultation is all about helping you understand what is possible on your site, how your design ideas could come to life and an opportunity
for discussion about the individual issues your site presents.

Following this meeting, we pull together the talking points into a detailed brief and provide you with information including;
What could be done for your budget
What it would cost to build the full dream
Any hiccups with getting Approval and how we would deal with them
Examples of past projects, what they cost, what they look like and what was included in the contract price
How the next steps work from here

Step 3 - Concept Design

Concept Design always starts with a meeting on site. It’s simply impossible to design a house properly without spending time on site talking about things like where the bedrooms will go, what views the living space will take in and how we will get the garaging to work with the access.

Our team then reviews your concept design prior to showing it to you to ensure that is meets your budget, brief and site needs. We call this The Enduro Advantage you then get the following;

  • In person design presentation
  • Full immersive 3D walkthrough
  • Plan amendments on the fly while you watch!
  • 2D plans to take home
  • Access to your own 3D walkthrough so you can look through your design
  • and show your friends from any device!

Step 4 - Preliminary Budget Estimate

This step is pivotal in making sure your project stays on track. Once we have the Concept Plan to about 90% of the brief resolved we do a detailed Preliminary Budget Estimate.

This gives you a clear understanding of what is included and excluded from the price, and provides you with a clear understanding of where design ideas are driving budget.

It’s at this point we start working through how different design ideas impact your budget and give you options on what could be done to manage the budget.

We also set realistic, real world allowances for your selections. This means that when you do get up to selections, it will be possible to pick things you like without having your budget run over.

At this point we give you access to our online project system so you can see all the detail of what’s included and excluded.

A true cost of your build before you sign the contract

When you sign your fixed price contract it really is a fixed price. We only deal with the real costs of your build.

No surprises.

No hidden costs.

No sneaky additions.

When you sign your fixed price contract it really is a fixed price. We only deal with the real costs of your build.

A fixed date for you to move into your new home

Having a build run over time impacts not just your finances but also your lifestyle.

Whether you want to be in your new home for Christmas, you have a new baby arriving or you have a house settlement to complete

Whatever the reason, we get it! Our systems and schedules ensure your build will finish on time, saving you thousands in interest and costs you would have to bear if your build ran over time.

Quality over quantity. Every time

A quality home starts with the standard of your build. We are committed to providing the same exceptional level of quality on EVERY SINGLE build we complete.

No matter what your budget is, we respect you have worked hard to finance the build of this new home and we consider it an honour to be the temporary custodians of your investment.

This is why all our building sites are kept neat and tidy, we constantly communicate with you and welcome you to site any time.

Planning to build an
Energy Efficient Custom
Home or Passive House
in Adelaide or the Hills?

Planning and building an Energy Efficient home involves hundreds of tiny decisions, a lot of emotion and significant financial investment. But that doesn’t mean it has to be stressful.

When you decide to design and build an Energy Efficient and Eco Friendly Home like a Passivhaus or Solar Passive design, you’re making a unique investment in the future.

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From here on, we start to run a few things at the same time to keep your project on the move;

Planning Application
We take care of lodging for Planning Approval and arranging for any Consultants reports

We get your plans, with our structural design notes (which we worked out when we do your Preliminary Budget Estimate) out to our Engineers to get all the final specifications drawn up

Final Bidding
Now we have all the information together we can get final pricing from our trades and suppliers, making sure they get their very best pencil sharpener on the job!

Value Management
While we are in at Council we begin to nut down on some final design ideas and how they may impact on your budget. We talk through different selection options such as;Window opening detailsHeating and Cooling System final choices


We taylor the selections process to meet your specific needs. You could be a design guru, in which case we just point you in the right direction with a list of what needs selecting and where to start. You could be completely unsure about what you want, in which case we will do whatever you need, including doing a selection for you and presenting it for approval. We are all about choice, and giving you the right support in the right places for this bit of the building journey. So rest assured, you will never be left wondering what to do!

Final Price
No we can present the final price. Because you have access to our online system, what included and not included in this price will come as no surprise. The other thing that isn’t a surprise is the schedule for your project. Before you sign on the dotted line, you can see the schedule for your entire project from start to finish, including when each trade is coming, how long they will be there for, and who comes after them. It’s mapped out ready for us to start building!

So what do you
actually get?

3D RENDER 1-min

Air Tightness

Ensuring that all of your home is built to be air tight is the first step in any form of energy efficient building. Without air tightness, any gains in other areas are immediately lost to the outside world


Mechanical Heat Recovery Ventilation

With air tightness comes the need to manage air quality. This is achieved through constant ventilation via a system that recovers the temperature in your house, given you clean fresh air with minimal heat loss or gain


High Quality Insulation

A complete thermal envelope, created using high quality insulation throughout is one of the pillars of a passivhaus. It’s also not as simple as just putting more insulation in!


High Quality Glazing

Making sure that you use double or triple glazing installed into high quality, thermally broken window frames makes sure you passivhaus is comfortable, healthy and needs little heating or cooling all year round


Thermal Bridge Free

Thermal Bridges are one of the primary causes of heat loss/gain and mould growth in Australian homes. A passivhaus isn’t a passivhaus until all thermal bridges are made safe

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latest projects

When you decide to design and build an Energy Efficient and Eco Friendly Home like a Passivhaus or Solar Passive design, you’re making a unique investment in the future.


Designer – Mountford Williamson Architecture
Building Size 320sqm


Designer – Mountford Williamson Architecture
Building Size 196 sqm

Bridgewater – Winner 2022 Environment & Sustainability

Designer – Brett Aylen Architecture
Size 224 sqm plus
Split level home

Testimonials are our
best witness

It’s why at Enduro Builders we specialise in this type of construction and in delivering on time, on budget, hassle free homes, every single time.

We use a range of technologies including Virtual Pre-construction to make sure that your home is built economically, and giving you the absolute best value for money possible.


You can use all sorts of one worders, but all of those descriptions lead to the fact that if someone asks you if you would build with Enduro, would we say yes or no…well we would say YES!

Frequently Asked Questions

Building can be a daunting process. Everyone recognises that building requires the coordination and organisation of a lot of different resources (people, materials and equipment). You want to know that the person you choose has the right skills to make all this work. Below we have compiled a list of questions which come up on a regular basis to help you decide what type of builder is right for you.

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