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What makes us different,
is what makes us great

There are plenty of builders out there who will tell you they can fulfill all your wishes, but do they really understand what you want or know how to deliver a true Energy Efficient home?

We understand the decision to choose a company to build your dream home can be daunting, especially when you want to create something that’s a little out of the ordinary. Which is why we always focus on making your building experience one that is stress-free, surprise-free and most of all … enjoyable!

Every single build we complete we will deliver;
A true cost of your build before you sign the contract

When you sign your fixed price contract it really is a fixed price. We only deal with the real costs of your build.

  • No surprises.
  • No hidden costs.
  • No sneaky additions.

This sometimes gives the impression we’re more expensive than the guy down the road. But that’s the risk we are prepared to take to be 100% honest with you, we are upfront about just how much it will cost to build your home.

A fixed date for you to move into your new home

Having a build run over time impacts not just your finances but also your lifestyle.

Whether you want to be in your new home for Christmas, you have a new baby arriving or you have a house settlement to complete

Whatever the reason, we get it! Our systems and schedules ensure your build will finish on time, saving you thousands in interest and costs you would have to bear if your build ran over time.

Quality over quantity. Every time

A quality home starts with the standard of your build. We are committed to providing the same exceptional level of quality on EVERY SINGLE build we complete.

No matter what your budget is, we respect you have worked hard to finance the build of this new home and we consider it an honour to be the temporary custodians of your investment.

This is why all our building sites are kept neat and tidy, we constantly communicate with you and welcome you to site any time.

Planning to build an Energy Efficient Custom Home or Passive House in Adelaide or the Hills?

Planning and building an Energy Efficient home involves hundreds of tiny decisions, a lot of emotion and significant financial investment. But that doesn’t mean it has to be stressful.

When you decide to design and build an Energy Efficient and Eco Friendly Home like a Passivhaus or Solar Passive design, you’re making a unique investment in the future.

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So what do you
actually get?

  • Ensuring that all of your home is built to be air tight is the first step in any form of energy efficient building. Without air tightness, any gains in other areas are immediately lost to the outside world

  • With air tightness comes the need to manage air quality. This is achieved through constant ventilation via a system that recovers the temperature in your house, given you clean fresh air with minimal heat loss or gain

  • A complete thermal envelope, created using high quality insulation throughout is one of the pillars of a passivhaus. It’s also not as simple as just putting more insulation in!

  • Making sure that you use double or triple glazing installed into high quality, thermally broken window frames makes sure you passivhaus is comfortable, healthy and needs little heating or cooling all year round

  • Thermal Bridges are one of the primary causes of heat loss/gain and mould growth in Australian homes. A passivhaus isn’t a passivhaus until all thermal bridges are made safe

Air Tightness
Mechanical Heat Recovery Ventilation
High Quality Insulation
High Quality Glazing
Thermal Bridge Free

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latest projects

When you decide to design and build an Energy Efficient and Eco Friendly Home like a Passivhaus or Solar Passive design, you’re making a unique investment in the future.

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Testimonials are our best witness

It’s why at Enduro Builders we specialise in this type of construction and in delivering on time, on budget, hassle free homes, every single time.

We use a range of technologies including Virtual Pre-construction to make sure that your home is built economically, and giving you the absolute best value for money possible.

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You can use all sorts of one worders, but all of those descriptions lead to the fact that if someone asks you if you would build with Enduro, would we say yes or no…well we would say YES!

Chris and Anna


The whole process was surprisingly relaxing for people say is the one of the most stressful things you will do.

Chris and Rebecca

Our decision to go with Enduro was obviously having someone with high integrity by our side and building the house for us.

Josh and Rachel

It looks like a brand new house and performs like a brand new house.

George and Allison

I think we expected in building a house, that it would be some sort of stressful process….And it was so enjoyable!

Pat and Alex

I was trying to find a builder that really understood Passive House, then Jackson came along…and saved the day!

Martin and Machiko

Frequently asked questions

Building can be a daunting process. Everyone recognises that building requires the coordination and organisation of a lot of different resources (people, materials and equipment). You want to know that the person you choose has the right skills to make all this work. Below we have compiled a list of questions which come up on a regular basis to help you decide what type of builder is right for you.

  • How Can You Be So Confident Of Finishing On Time?

    We can be confident of finishing on time for one primary reason –


    We use our online project management system to schedule and then manage your project, our subbies and our suppliers so that they integrate perfectly.

    This means that if we hit a delay with weather we can usually absorb it by looking at the schedule and modifying it to keep your project on track.

    Best of all… the schedule is open book, you can see everything we do, so you know exactly what is happening, when it’s happening and how long for!

  • How Important Is Building An Energy Efficient Home?

    Building Energy Efficient Homes to a high quality is our number one priority. Why is it your number one priority? Two Reasons;

    1. Low ongoing power bills
    2. Increased return on investment (all homes are sold eventually)

    The rise of understanding in the community about energy efficiency and what it means is slowly translating into an understanding that houses that are highly energy efficient are more valuable. This means a truly energy efficient home (the only type we build) will be far more valuable than a minimum compliance one when you come to sell. The current average is 10-15 years for new home buyers to hold their homes. This gives plenty of time for the compound effect of the understanding of energy efficiency to grow in your favour!

  • Who Do I Communicate With During The Build Process?

    You will communicate directly with

    • The project manager
    • Builder
    • Architect
    • Sales team
  • How Does A Higher Energy Rating Benefit Me?

    The higher the energy (or star) rating the more naturally comfortable your home will be to live in. The more energy efficient your home is the lower your energy bills are as you don’t need to use as much power for artificial cooling. Its not just about insulation and heating and cooling though. Appliances, lighting and other items are taken into account. This helps ensure you are reducing your energy consumption on a holistic level, coupled with solar panels, a lot of our clients achieve cost neutral or profitable homes.

  • What Does A Higher Energy Rating Mean for my Running Costs?

    The higher your star rating, the lower the amount of energy is required to keep your home at a constant temperature.

    This reduces your energy bills, and saves you money!

  • Once We Sign The Contract Will The Price Change?

    Your contract price only changes if you make changes that exceed the allowance for the item/s that were in the contract.

    If you make any selection variations outside the inclusions agreed in the contract there is likely to be additional costs and we make sure you know about them ASAP using our online management system.

  • Can I Afford to Build An Energy Efficient Home?

    When you hear the words sustainable, solar passive or energy efficient people often think, “This is going to be expensive”.

    Some of the building products used to gain additional energy efficiency in a home are more expensive than traditional method, no doubt about it.

    If you use the right architects and designers for your home can go a long way to keeping your costs reasonable. Making sure you find the right architect or designer ensures you have someone who understands that;

    • Correct orientation is critical to minimising energy use for cooling, heating and lighting
    • Correct selection of building materials for the different elevations plays a massive role in the energy efficiency outcomes of your build
    • Knows a builder with excellent contacts in the Solar Energy Industry
  • I Don’t Have Drawings Or A Design In Mind – Where Do I Start?

    Stay calm!

    Call us now and make a time to come and see us where we can sit down and explain the process in detail and get you started the right way. We have a carefully tailored system which gets you from the idea to build all the way to finished home with a minimum of fuss and almost no anxiety or stress. So don’t worry if you don’t have any floor plans in mind, we only need to hear how your lifestyle works, what types of things you really want in your house and what you don’t and then we will show you the way! Call Us Now to make a time!