Are You Thinking Of Going Off Grid?

As the price of home battery systems come down, and suppliers like Diamond Energy develop their systems to enhance your feedback tariff benefits, the time to go off grid is getting closer.

There is a common myth that going off grid means giving up on the luxuries that “on grid” homes enjoy.

The reality is that this isn’t true.

So, like all good myths, they have a start in truth. So where does this myth start?

It’s starts with low quality, non-energy efficient design and construction being carried out then hooked up to off-grid power systems!

It makes very little sense to build a massive, cheap house that doesn’t keep you comfortable year round unless you have the reverse cycle air conditioning going full blast all the time!

So, if you want to go off grid, make sure that you are building a home that truly performs, to make sure this is going happen you need make sure your builder and designer work together (really closely) and that your builder is able to describe the following;

– Air Tightness (and have results to prove they can build high performing homes)
– How to minimise thermal bridges
– Why it’s worth installing uPVC, double glazed windows and doors
– The benefits of Mechanical Heat Recovery Ventilation
– Why insulation and where it will go is a PRIMARY design concern!

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5 Keys to Efficient Homebuilding

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