5 Keys to Efficient Homebuilding

How can you know you're dealing with a true profesional?

As you read through this guide you will find the 5 Keys we use are the same (or similar) to the 5 Pillars of Passivhaus construction. The reason being, the same principles apply when building an Energy Efficient home as when building a fully certified Passivhaus.

Our Energy Efficient homes are constructed to extremely high performance standards and will deliver exceptional economic and environmental benefits to the home owner. Fundamentally both Energy Efficient buildings and Passivhaus Standards are about great design.

Well built Energy Efficient houses rely on balancing building physics, carefully integrated building services and the use of up to date technology to ensure the best result. Working with a builder and designer right from the start of your build will ensure your home is built to perform – without compromising on the efficiency OR the architectural features of your new home.

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You can use all sorts of one worders, but all of those descriptions lead to the fact that if someone asks you if you would build with Enduro, would we say yes or no…well we would say YES!

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