Belair – Treading lightly on the earth

Project Stats:

Designer –

TS4 Living
Building Size – 76 sqm each level
Levels – 1


Bedrooms – Two bedrooms
Wet Areas – combined bathroom and Laundry
Living spaces – Living and Dining
Storage – Single Car Garage, Store Room

  • Stunning Architectural steel work to the perimeter which houses shade sails
  • BioPCM High Performance Thermal Mass (improves the ability of the house to maintain an even temperature year round)
  • High Performance air flow management system to augment the effectiveness of the Evaporative cooling system
  • Hight Efficiency electric space heaters
  • Premium LED lighting
  • Two pac kitchen
  • Timber floors throughout
  • uPVC Windows
  • Landscaping
  • XPS Foam Insulation

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