Project Story

Built in 2021, this project came to us with a mission – must be custom, must be high quality and must be done fast!

Rising to the challenge our team constructed this family home, with precision and care.

As usual with a home built to our specification, it has exceeded its Energy Rating by a significant margin and achieved an Air Change of Rate of 3.23. An outstanding result!

Most notably about this home is the balance of sustainable us of a Rammed Earth Wall down the centre of the building, combined with a polished concrete slab on the northern side.  This allows the building to gain heat during winter and store this in these two thermal masses.

During summer the floor and wall is shaded by a deep eave overhang to prevent sun penetration and allow the exposed thermal mass to have a cooling effect inside the house.  In a heat wave not long after handover the house got up to 26 degrees after 5 days of high 40 degree temperatures outside during the day and only mid level 20’s at night.

This demonstrates that the heat gain in the house during the day was very low, providing further evidence of the importance of balancing air tightness with thermal mass and ventilation!

Building Size – 224 sqm plus 95 sqm of Paving
Levels – 2 (split level home)
Unique Features – Sloping Block, Steep Site

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