Project Stats

Designer – Beyond Ink
Building Size – 320 sqm plus 72 sqm Garage
Levels – 2

Unique Features – Hydronic Underfloor heating, Reverse Cycle Air Conditioning, Pizza Bar, XPS Foam Insulation, uPVC Windows and Doors, full surround verandah

Bedrooms – Five bedrooms
Wet Areas – Three bathrooms and Laundry
Living spaces – Upper and Lower living and dining spaces with surround deck upstairs
Storage – Full custom designed cabinetry installation throughout
Feature – Large entry hall, huge stair case


  • Hydronic Underfloor Heating
  • Pizza Bar with Oven
  • Reverse Cycle Air Conditioning
  • Highly insulated floor construction
  • Premium LED lighting
  • Hardwood Timber floors
  • uPVC Windows and Doors
  • Landscaping finished off prior to handover
  • Full wrap around deck
  • XPS Foam Insulation

Energy Efficient Outcomes

With such a large volume of house, it is more difficult to achieve a low air change rate.

The reason for this is that you simply have more external area that can potentially have holes in it!

Even given this, the house has exceeded the UK best practice requirements, and sits well inside our standard!

It’s rare to have the opportunity to build more than one home for the same home owner.

This house is the second home we built for this home owner (the first being the home in Underdale).

We were able to try out some ideas we had for the first house in this one and see the results as a direct comparison which has been just brilliant!

Thankyou for giving us the opportunity to build you a second home!

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