Could this be the future of toilets?

When we talk about sustainability and reducing living costs, the current focus seems to always be on improved insulation; solar panels (PV Panels) and Hot Water Services; waffle pod slabs and uPVC windows.

But there could be a lot more to it than that. This relatively new invention, which I believe may be a follow on from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation Challenge, although its a bit more mainstream than the one shown in this video;

Most of what we put down the toilet is actually a pretty potent fuel / compost / what-have-you – and there’s a pretty consistent supply of it going straight down the drain these days. There’s some good work currently underway to generate self-purifying, self-powered systems that effectively act as fuel cells.

Composting toilets already exist – and with energy prices continuing to rise, it’s only a matter of time before our common-sense trumps our disgust on this issue. Coupled with onsite treatment system, as is common in rural and semi rural areas, its another positive step toward making your next project self sufficient while reducing your utility costs!

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