Did You Know Energy Efficient Does Not Mean Expensive?

Here is a great example of home build in Western Australia, which achieves excellent efficiency without compromising on;

  • Views
  • Luxury
  • Quality Finishes

Achieving an energy efficient luxury home is possible! One of the key benefits of building energy efficient homes, and including sustainable practices and materials where possible is that you end up living in a home that is capable of surviving harsh weather while providing year round comfort.

Where it is easy to get mistaken with the cost of building is by looking at the guide prices on Volume builder websites. The home written about below could easily appear on a volume builder website “starting from” $120,000.

Building with a custom builder means that your pricing starts off with a lot more included in it, this obviously gives the appearance of “expensive” which is funny because the comparable volume builder price will appear “cheap”.

So then you have decide what you are willing to accept as the final cost of your home, which is more important to you –

1. Quality and Longevity
2. Cheap upfront cost with no concern about the running costs


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5 Keys to Efficient Homebuilding

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