Did You Know The Home Battery Revolution Has Already Started?

Its been a hot topic with a lot of our knew homes since January 2015.  Clients have been asking for their solar inverters to be battery ready.  Last night ABC’s Catalyst program aired an episode all about the current uptake of Batteries for domestic power consumption.  The link is at the end of this to view the episode.

Why is battery backup becoming a more viable option?  Two reason – One; the cost is coming down, just look at Tesla now producing one of their cars to retail at $35,000 new!  Two; solar panels produce most of their energy at the peak of the day when your not at home, and are putting out low or no energy during peak times (from 5 to 8pm at night).

As the early adopter numbers grow, the laws of economics kick in and we can expect to see the cost of the batteries and their associated hardware coming down.  Check out the documentary here; Catalyst – Home Batteries Episode

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