Want to know how to avoid the pitfalls of designing a new home?

Want to build a new home, but not sure where to start?

Most people would start with either an architect or designer who then produces a design to be quoted…often without builder interaction.

You actually make a better start on turning your dreams into a reality by engaging a builder first.  At the end of any design process this is the person actually building your house, and where the bulk of your overall project budget will be spent.

They are the best resource for advice, current knowledge on building costs and ideas about what will and won’t work well on your site.

Working with a builder who is open and honest with architects and designers is key to making sure your project is designed on budget.

It also means your builder has heard about all the little things you want to have in your build…this means they don’t become variations later on.

All of this needs to be backed up by a detailed and lengthy quote.

If your builders quote doesn’t run for 20 pages or more and include all the details of the construction and reference to the plans….you’re in for trouble.

If enough thought has not been put into the design and selections then it can be very difficult or expensive to change at a later date. 

The key is your builder understanding all the documentation that is required to obtain a detailed fixed price quote and ensuring that this documentation is as free of inconsistencies and errors as possible.

So, if your thinking of building, start by thinking of your builder.  It could save you thousands!

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