Passive House Builders Adelaide

Building a Passive House is an investment you want to be confident in.

It’s why at Enduro Builders we specialise in this type of construction and in delivering on time, on budget, hassle free homes, every single time.

We use a range of technologies including Virtual Pre-construction to make sure that your home is built economically, and giving you the absolute best value for money possible.





Passive Houses From $480,000

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Passive House Builders Adelaide

Why Build A Passive House?

We are often asked, why bother?  Why spend the extra money?

Simple!  With a Passive House (or Passivhaus in Germany) you get a known outcome for your home.  A lot of our clients choose to build a non-certified Passive House.  By their nature Passive Houses have to be built properly and built to last.  The average Australian home or low energy home just doesn’t achieve that, because the controls and expectations of a Passive House aren’t there.


So what do you actually get?  Read on:

  1. Air Tightness
  2. Ventilation with Heat Recovery
  3. Quality Thermal Insulation
  4. High Performance Glazing
  5. Thermal Bridge Free Construction

Air Tightness

House Builders AdelaideA fundamental component of an Energy Efficient home is reducing the cost of heating and cooling. Having an air tight home puts you in control of the way air moves from inside to outside your home and vice versa.

This doesn’t mean you can’t open the windows and doors! On the contrary, as Australians, we love the outdoors and our connection with nature. We also love being able to shelter from the harsh extremes of climate that we experience throughout the year. The beauty of air tight home is that when you do close up the doors and windows, you are in control and insulated from the outside temperature, giving you total freedom on what temperature your house is, regardless of what is happening outside!

Ventilation with Heat Recovery

heat recoveryDo you suffer from allergies? What about Asthma? Ventilation systems for air tight homes come with complete filtration systems that remove the large majority of air borne contaminants from the incoming air to your home.

So what happens on a super cold/hot day??? I don’t want my home heating up or cooling down!

A high quality ventilation system comes with a passive heat exchanger. This passes the incoming and outgoing air over each other (via plastic membranes the prevent the air being contaminated).

Quality Thermal Insulation

Thermal InsulationWhen you have an air tight building, the effectiveness of your insulation is seriously increased. IN an Energy Efficient home we make the maximum use of the air tightness by increasing the amount and quality of the insulation around your home to make sure that heat losses or gains are minimised.

High Performance Glazing

High Performance GlazingThe glass in your home is often the most misunderstood component. The science behind what makes a good window depends on many factors, however there are some underlying fundamentals that are always adhered to when you build an energy efficient home;

  • No all metal frames
  • Double glazing on all windows
  • Careful assessment of how windows and doors are manufactured to ensure they seal well, all..the..time!

Thermal Bridge Free Construction

Thermal Bridget Free ConstructionThe final, and most often misunderstood part is in bringing all the building components together. If this is done without thought and care then you can end up with thermal bridging!

So what is thermal bridging?

It is what happens when you have materials in a building that allow the transfer of the temperature outside, to inside. Thermal bridges can cause all sorts of problems such as;

  • Condensation
  • Mould

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