Phase Change Material – The 21st century improvement on Brick

Our Belair project will be benefiting from BioPCM insulation.

So what is it? Phase Change Material….whats that you ask?

Its a product that actively works to maintain the temperature inside your building. Traditional insulation works like a barrier to slow down the transfer of heat from outside to inside, or vice versa.

BioPCM absorbs and releases heat to maintain the temperature inside the room.

A good way to think about how it works is that its like when you put an iceblock in room temperature water. What happens to the water? What happens to the ice block?

The heat energy in the water dissipates the ice, and the cold energy in the ice cools the water. The net effect being colder water.

Now think of BioPCM as the ice block. Except it can turn back into ICE!

As your home heats up during the day BioPCM absorbs that heat, keeping the house cooler during the day. Then in the evening when the tempurature drops, the heat is re-distributed.

On top of that, its a fire retardant which could save your home in the event of fire!

Would you like to know more about Energy Efficient ways to keep your home warm in winter?

You can download the guide to designing for efficient winter warming right here!

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