Pillar 3 Thermal Bridge Free Construction

Passivhaus Pillar No. 3. Thermal Bridge Free

Our first two articles on the pillars of passivhaus explained how air tightness and high performance glazing are fundamental to passive house.

The third pillar eliminating thermal bridges explains further how crucial construction details are to high performance homes. Thermal bridge free construction ensures a consistent high quality of thermal envelope that is robust and long lasting

There are a lot of different areas where thermal bridges can occur in a house and one of them is at the junction of exterior walls. Watch the video below for an explanation on how to combat this common thermal bridge.

As you have just seen in this video, an effective way to eliminate framing thermal bridges is what’s called a Californian corner. 

Also mentioned in the video, the other place where thermal bridging can occur and can undermine spending money on high performance windows, is during installation. Taking us back to the second pillar of passivhaus high performance glazing, you can appreciate why the thermal bridge around a window is so pivotal.

This is why proper care is taken during installation and why methods in the above video are so important.

For more hints and ideas follow the link below.

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