How To Save Thousands On Your New Home

Would you like to know how to save thousands of dollars on your new home?

It’s a fact that most builders keep secret from you, but today we will share how you can do it!

We all know that building a high quality custom home is nothing like a cheap “cookie cutter” one. We also hear the horror stories of how building a custom home can be a cost and time blowout nightmare!

So, how do you avoid this happening to you?


Make sure that the builder you start your design process with is able to do the following things for you;

  • Provide an online client portal with Project Schedule and Inclusions information that you have access to throughout your project.
  • Provide a timeline for construction that starts from the day you talk to them
  • Be clear with you about what your home is really going cost (not a price that gets you in the door)

Without these things, they can’t guarantee you that your home will be built on time with no hidden costs.

So how does it hurt you if you get builder selection wrong?

On time – If it takes longer than you expect to build you could be stuck with additional mortgage or rent repayments….these can add up fast!

No Hidden Costs – When things get left out of your estimates, but are still shown on the plans, it’s easy for you to think you are getting a bargain price, when actually you are just getting less than you expect.

One way or the other, you will be paying for it, this is why you work with a builder who isn’t afraid to be honest with you so you know up front what your dream home is going cost.

So when you are ready to build your dream home, make sure the potential builders you talk to can confidently do the things we listed for you!

To find out more about a building a quality custom home download our guide on 5 things to know about building a custom home in Adelaide

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