• Full internal demolition
  • New flooring and underfloor insulation
  • All new internal linings, cleaned walls underneath removed mould
  • New more energy efficient roof
  • Foam insulation between double brick cavity
  • New double glazed windows
  • Premium LED lighting
  • Luxe cabinetry
  • Feature wallpapers
  • Garage converted into WIR and ensuite
  • 5k Rainwater Tank

Energy Efficient Outcomes

This was an old outdated typical double brick home, the owners loved it but it needed an upgrade.

We stripped the home back to the bones re insulating it all and applying Passive House principles improved the homes performance dramatically.

Initial blower tests had this home at 16.9 ACH whereas at the end it tested at 3.5ACH! This is equivalent to a new home being built! This is now the level of a high performance home all within the bones and character of the existing home!

By applying Passive House principles it can make a huge difference!

This is now the home owners dream home with comfort to boot!

5 Key Skills of An Energy Efficient Builder

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