Are You Sure Starting With An Architect is Right?

Have you been following our stuff, and seen a trend?

As a discerning and well educated person, you would notice that the way we promote doing things is very different from the way “Everyone else” does it.

Today we received a very pointed email from an architect (whose name we have covered up to protect his anonymity, particularly as they used some very colorful language) in response to some information we presented.

You can see from what they have written that their belief is more builders means better pricing.

Unfortunately, he has missed a key point, which is the importance, as builders, we place on your budget.

In a tender situation, the aim is often to get the lowest price in, while also leaving the most ambiguity for future variations.  This results in one of two outcomes;

  • The builder who wins, may have done so at a loss making contract price….they won’t be in business long doing that, and so could go broke on your project
  • The ambiguity in their contract price gives room for multiple variations.

The big missing point here is that give or take a few % all homes really have one TRUE cost to build.  One way or the other you, as the client, will end up paying it.

Doing things our way means you know what the TRUE cost is up front, instead of finding out as you go along with variation after variation.

The point of our information was to show how important it is to include your builder in the design process, this way you get a couple of key things right from the outset on your new home;

  1. You work with someone (your builder) from the outset who actually costs and builds custom designs every day of the year!
  2. Your builder is just as invested in seeing your project go through to fruition as you are

We are very fortunate to work with 4 different architects who see things our way.

Which is why it’s so important to share a rebuttal like this to our way of doing things, so you can see that not all architects are focused on getting you exactly what you asked for!

We know that our approach to design and building in a collaborative way means You, as our client, get your new home built on your budget.

A builders involvement from the very start is the single best step to take if you want to make sure your design comes in on your budget.

So to make sure you get the right builder for you to team up with an architect from the start, you can download our guide of 7 things to ask your builder!

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