Technology and building

Its a common thought that tradies and builders alike can be a bit techno-phobic.  While this might be true for other builders, at Enduro Builders it couldnt be further from the truth!  We use two major technology based systems to operate our business;

  • Cloud based Project and Construction Management Software
  • Google Apps for Business for email, calendar, files and much more

We often find ourselves interfacing with clients and consultants who have their own systems, or cloud based file storage.  While we have accounts with all the “majors” (OneDrive, Dropbox, Box, Google Drive, iCloud) we dont want to be relying on having to keep track of them all to ensure that the information we have on hand is the latest copy of a document.

Then we discovered cloudHQ (  This is the solution we have been looking for!  It allows us to sync files, emails and calendars shared with us from a huge range of sources, into one central place where everyone can access it.

On top of that, if your a gmail user, we can easily share labels and mail items using cloudHQ check it out here

It was like we had finally discovered the holy grail in getting all of our various cloud technologies working together and pointed in the same direction.

So for your next project, contact us and work with a team who is up to date, up to speed and has the systems to run your project on time and on budget while staying sync’d with your system!  All thanks cloudHQ.

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