The importance of checking what is and isnt included in your project Quote

We have been hard at work recently getting a number of estimates and projects on the go. Often we loose jobs because our price is higher than other builders, only to later find out that the build ended up costing about what our quote was (albeit with another builder).

This article on @houzz is a great explanation of some key points to keep your eye out for. But most poignantly is the story in the comments of one client that just breaks my heart.

You can avoid this, we work hard to price a project early and our building designers know how to stick to a budget. You can contact us through the “Contact Us” link above today for a free consultation. Below is the text from this poor lady and the link to the whole article;

“I agree with kapalmer74. I have just been through the same thing. I hired a building designer (who was recommended to me by a builder I was going to get a quote from). I asked from the beginning if $200-250k (absolute maximum I could afford) was a reasonable expectation for the 87sqm design I had (a simple square house, plumbing in one area, inexpensive kitchen etc) and he said yes. 10 months later waiting for the building designer to get the drawings done, submit to council, fix issues on the drawings that he should have anticipated and getting the quote from the builder…$300k + !!! The builder was able to get the quote down to $265k + but I had to forgo a few things (like carport – which council will be hassling me about eventually as it’s a requirement in the area). Way out of my budget. To add insult to injury, property prices have jumped $50-100k in that time and I will be struggling to find a property to buy without going somewhere 3 hours or more out of Sydney (even then that’s for something that needs repair or renovation. Then I have to consider how I’ll get work) and I’d have to hope the land sells quickly. 15 years of dreaming of a home in the Blue Mountains – 10 months ago I could have afforded to buy something there but now I’ve been priced out of the market. I’m devastated.”

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