Want To Avoid Being Stung On Your New Home?

Today I had a meeting with a client, and they shared a story with me which is worth repeating.

It’s a sad story, but it has a silver lining for whoever is reading this, especially if you have built before and find yourself empathising with the client at the center of the story.

Here’s the story;

We were talking about the price for his project, and going through, in detail, what was and wasn’t included and making sure that we were all crystal clear.  That’s when he told me the story…

He had some friends who were doing a development and it required them to make alterations to a main road as part of their approval.  So to make sure that the development still stacked up financially they needed to price that work.

What happened next made my blood boil!

The builder got pricing back from the contractor at $365,000 for the works.  The builders comment was apparently “They won’t want to pay that much”.  So he just told the client it was going to cost $70,000!!!

No wonder it’s hard to trust a builder!

If the builder had told them the TRUTH up front, they may have re-thought or cancelled the project altogether.

Instead they were left with having to pay the full amount leaving a big hole in their project budget.

The Moral Of The Story (pun intended)

I have lost many jobs before they got off the ground because I priced the TRUE cost to build.  Not the cost I thought the client would sign on the dotted line for.

This meant that a potential job didn’t go ahead because it was clearly not in their budget and we parted ways amicably.

This checklist is a great way to make sure that you and your builder are on the same page when it comes to what is and isn’t included.

If you have a builders quote, and you want us to check it, you can contact us on the form below.

Got a story you want to share?  Do it in the comments now!

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