Do You Want To Build Your New Home On Time and On Budget?

Most people start by meeting an architect or designer and getting a design done which is then quoted, budget is talked about…

But often without a builders input.

A great way to start with your new home is by contacting your builder.  

A great relationship with your builder is one of the critical factors in determining your enjoyment of the building process and having them by your side during the design phase is a great way to ensure you get to know each other.

There would be nothing worse than signing with a builder when you haven’t had the chance to gauge their professionalism and the type of person they are.

In the end you want a builder who is invested in actually building your house.

Builders are the best resource for practical advice on building costs and ideas about what will and won’t work well on your site, with your budget in mind.

If they know they have to build it, they aren’t going to suggest an idea that won’t work.

Working with a builder who has open and honest relationships with architects and designers is the key to making sure your project is designed on your budget, and that it can be built without unforeseen costs.

You also benefit from  your builder knowing about all the little things you want to have in your home…this means they don’t become variations later on.

So now you have your design and you have input and support from your builder on the expected cost to build.

You may have been given a preliminary budget estimate during the design,

Now you need to see your builder present you with a detailed quote covering all aspects of your project,

If your builders quote doesn’t run for 20 pages or more and include all the details of your home and reference to the plans….you’re in for trouble.

This is especially important with Energy Efficient homes where there are significantly more details that must be included.

A professional  builder will communicate with you about all of this in an open, honest and reliable fashion.

So, if your thinking of building, start by thinking of your builder.  It could save you thousands!

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