Why Should You Use Double Glazed Windows?

As a follow on from our article on window selection (see here) here is some great information about links to more about what can be done to counter the effects of glazing on the Energy Efficiency of your home.

Have you ever wondered why the little cooling fins you see on computers, fridges and anything else that needs passive cooling, are made of aluminium?

The reason is that Aluminium is an AWESOME conductor!

Given this knowledge, we still love to use Aluminium as our “go to” frame material for windows and doors on our homes and commercial buildings.

Why is that? COST.

Aluminium is cheap, but what does it actually COST us in the long term?

The losses/gains from heat transfer into or out of your building could be affecting your power bill by as much as $500 a year!

So make sure that when you are balancing your new home budget, you leave extra in there to install high quality, long lasting and high performing Double Glazed, uPVC windows and doors!

5 Keys to Efficient Homebuilding

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