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This project has truly been a labour of love, it has been customised in every way possible every element of these finishes has been lovingly thought out. This stunning home has 180 degree views from the Hills to Ocean. This home is uniquely one of a kind.

Entering the second storey you come upon a swimming pool in the middle of the home! Creating a central artistic feature this resort style living is epic and luxurious. Continue onto the living, dining a ways of the cork flooring through the master bedroom with all the views. Take the lift downstairs to the wine room and extra living spaces, the possibilities of this home are endless.

Taking the size into account this home has impressive energy efficient properties with 2.3ACH @50Pa, internally ducted mechanical heat recovery ventilation and a huge amount of recycled materials and sustainable choices, self sufficient energy wise this home takes its impact on the environment seriously. A native and low needs garden creates green surrounds and has been selected with care and future suburban spaces in mind.

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Building Size 417m2


Somedays its 36 outside and 27 inside and we aren't doing anything

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When you decide to design and build an Energy Efficient and Eco Friendly Home like a Passivhaus or Solar Passive design, you’re making a unique investment in the future.


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5 Keys to Efficient Homebuilding

Get your FREE copy of our comprehensive guide to building an Energy Efficient home in Australia

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